Medium and Long Term Strategies

Medium Term Management Plan

FY12/2019:Net Sales ¥76,900 million, Operating income ¥8,400 million

Medium and Long Term Strategies Graph

* Figures for FY ending Dec. 2017 are those for 12 months from Jan. to Dec. 2017,
indicated only for reference.

Propositions for medium-term and long-term growth

Propositions for medium-term and long-term growth

Strategies by Operation Division
Machine Tool Operations

Expansion of market shares in all regions

Markets of emerging economies

We will work to increase market share by broadening our customer base through strengthening sales of low-price machinery models of the “VL Series.”

Markets of industrialized countries

We will work to increase market share through the full-scale sales expansion of the
“AL Series” high-precision wire electric discharge machine, a main product line of Sodick.

Accelerate sales and R&D in metal 3D printers

Full-scale sales of metal 3D printers to North American and European markets have started in fiscal year ending 2017.
Centered on Europe, the leading market for metal 3D printers, we will promote the Sodick brand and engage in market development for Sodick products.
Moreover, we will work to expand markets by accelerating R&D activities surrounding metal 3D printers, enhance forming speed and maintenance properties, and increase the line-up of metal powers for use with metal 3D printers.

Reduce manufacturing costs through efficiency gains in production and through consolidation of models

Centered on the plant in Thailand, we will reduce manufacturing cost by raising production efficiency and consolidating models in production.

Industrial Machinery Operations

Raise overseas sales ratio to at least 70%

We will enhance earning power by developing and marketing injection molding machines suitable for overseas markets, cutting manufacturing costs, restructuring sales frameworks, and strengthening marketing.

Create new demand by further expanding the product line-up

We will create fresh demand by developing new models suited for innovative materials and improved forming methods and by developing injection molding machines suited for metal 3D printers.

Promotion of projects for reducing cost of sales with the aim of strengthening earning power

Food Processing Machinery Operations

Enhanced earning power following the start-up of
the new factory

Improved production efficiency will result from concentrating production processes on the new factory compared with the previous production at the two separate Hakusan and Kaga plants.
Additionally, we will strengthen product development and sales promotion using new showroom and research center facilities.

Expand overseas sales through product development for overseas markets

In order to proactively capture overseas demand, we will reinforce product development geared at foreign markets.