Medium and Long Term Strategies

Medium Term Management Plan

Targeting net sales of 93,200 million yen
with operating income of 10,600 million yen by FY20/12

Medium and Long Term Strategies Graph

* Figures for FY17/12 are group-wide results for the period of January-December 2017 provided for the purpose of comparison.

Propositions for medium-term and long-term growth

Propositions for medium-term and long-term growth

Strategies by Operation Division
Machine Tool Operations

Expand market shares in all regions

Accelerate sales and R&D in metal 3D printers

Reduce manufacturing costs through efficiency gains in production and making parts in common

Industrial Machinery Operations

Raise overseas sales ratio to at least 70%

Create new demand by further expanding the product line-up

Promote efforts at cost of sales reduction projects aimed at strengthening earning capacity

Food Processing Machinery Operations

Strengthen earning capacity through plant expansion

Expand overseas sales through product development
for overseas markets

Develop products other than noodle making machines and open up new markets for them