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Medium and Long Term Strategies

Long-term Management Plan

Sodick group's long term vision to cover the period up to 2026 when Sodick will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Sodick Group Long-term Vision “Next Stage 2026 ~Toward Further Growth~”

Medium Term Management Plan

Targeting net sales of 81,600 million yen
with operating income of 7,900 million yen by FY22/12

Medium Term Management Plan

* Figures for FY17/12 are group-wide results for the period of January-December 2017 provided for the purpose of comparison.

* The effect of the spread of the novel coronavirus pneumonia is not factored into the projections for FY20/12 onwards.

Propositions for medium-term and long-term growth

Medium Term Management Plan

Strategies by Operation Division

Machine Tool Operations

  • Expand market shares in all regions
  • Accelerate sales and R&D in metal 3D printers
  • Reduce manufacturing costs through efficiency gains in production and making parts in common
  • Expand sales of precision machining center, targeting high-precision related market

Industrial Machinery Operations

  • Raise overseas sales ratio to at least 70%
  • Create new demand by further expanding the product line-up
  • Promote efforts for cost of sales reduction projects aimed at strengthening earning capacity

Food Processing Machinery Operations

  • Strengthen earning capacity through plant expansion
  • Expand overseas sales through product development for overseas markets
  • Develop products other than noodle making machines and sterile-packed rice production system, and open up new markets for them